Monday, November 8, 2010


Simon was Megaman for Halloween, he looked really cool, got lots of candy, and I did an awesome job on his costume! Cindy helped sew the underwear looking part after I cut and pinned it from a pair of shorts, Steve made the blaster, and I did the rest. All parts included (clothes, blaster, helmet, everything) we spend about $20 on it. A large portion of that was the helmet we got for a steal from ToysRus for $8 with elbow and knee pads, and it's Wolverine so he can use it when he gets a bike someday!
I have tried three times now to post pictures and it won't work, blogger keeps telling me it is a "bad request" :( I think it is a good request, everyone wants to see a cute Megaman right? So after adding them one at a time it worked! Enjoy! and a couple more nights I will put up a few faves from his boat/ocean themed 2nd birthday, but in the meantime you can see them all on facebook.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Funny Steve

Steve has been working really hard lately. Last night he only got 2 hours of sleep because he was finishing a paper. In his delirious state this is what he sent to his teacher as he e-mailed her his paper- and by teacher I mean professor, who is a doctor, and who goes by Stephanie not Steph if they were on a first-name basis, which they aren't...

I hope this paper is the most amazing paper you've ever read, ever. Be inspired, and impressed. Thanks!

Can you believe that!! I couldn't believe it when he showed me, and I don't think he could believe he would send that to his professor either.