Saturday, July 18, 2009

4th of July

Pictures from the 4th of July are now up on facebook, with a select few here. It was quite an eventful day for us. To start the morning off Simon fell off our bed (about 4 feet from the mattress top to our hardwood floors). We aren't going to go into how that happened, but let's just say he will be barricaded into the bed if he is still sleeping when we have to star getting ready for the day. (And I already beat myself and Steve up enough that I don't need anyone else to do that) Luckily he was okay, nothing wrong, and stopped crying pretty quickly. Then we went up to Lake Tahoe to Chimney Beach to swim. (Simon hates the water, Lake Tahoe is COLD!) While at the beach we ate lots of food, Simon really loves eating cherries!After that we went back home and napped and then went to Sparks to watch the fireworks. We did all of this, except for the nap, with Steve's family. It was a blast. Simon loved, loved, loved, the fireworks, he didn't cry at all, just sat there and stared up at them.

Earlier that week we went up to the Lake to swim at King's Beach, and took some really cute pictures of Simon, he loves playing in the sand, but just hates the cold water. I took him to a pool last weekend, and he really liked that once he got to used to it.
Today we have had a nice day, Steve has the day off. We went to the Planetarium and Historical Society, then met up with a realtor to look at two houses, in the area we want. We fell in love with both of them. One is really old and is probably haunted, and has cool rooms off of rooms through doorways and closets. So cool, but would be A LOT of work. The other is pretty large, not as old, 3 bedrooms. Nice huge kitchen with double ovens and two fireplaces. We will see if anything happens, not sure if either will be FHA-approved. Anyways, we have been having a lot more fun as a family the past few weeks because Steve has had Saturdays off because his client he took care of all day on Saturday passed away. Sad, I know, and a bit morbid, but I sure do love having time to go have fun with my husband!!