Thursday, June 24, 2010


So there has been a lot going on lately, but at the same time, not a whole lot, that's life I guess!
Simon is growing up so fast these days. He just started calling our daycare lady by her name he says "Cawol", so cute, but sadly she only gets to hear him do it for 3 days because we are switching to Steve's mom next Monday. I am a little nervous for this, not because it's his mom (she is an awesome lady and will do a terrific job and help a TON with his development) but because of the driving every day. On I-80 and 395 every day and through the spaghetti bowl, both ways in traffic- SCARY! I CAN NOT be late for work, so that makes it even more nerve wracking, one wreck ahead of me on the road and I am screwed. And did I mention they are road construction on 395 right now, ugh, orange construction cones- the State Flower of Nevada.
Simon is so stinking cute I can never get over it. He said "see ya later" on Wednesday. And says all kinds of stuff that never ceases to amaze me. Right now we are working on learning the parts of the face. When he is in the mood to do it with me, he knows nose, mouth, and eyes. And we are working on chin, cheeks, and ears.

Last week I went to a jewelry party at my friend Christy's house, it was fun, I bought some really cute jewelry, Steve was asleep when I got home and so I think he forgot all about the party. He never did ask how much I spent, so that is a good thing he forgot about it. But I bought the jewelry out of my personal allowance account anyways. This necklace is my favorite of my purchases, he just made me very happy, and giggly. I bought him!

We went to Elko after I got home from work the day after and hung out with our friends Zach and Kristen and their 5 kids. We had tons of fun there hanging out with them, Simon especially, he grew up a lot over the weekend, and became much more independent and less reliant on us for stuff like holding hands while walking down steps. He doesn't need me anymore, would rather just do it by himself like a big boy! While there Steve got to be a cowboy and help herd and load a couple of bulls into a trailer, then went up to Twin Falls to take them to the butcher, Kristen and I stayed home with the kids and had a lot of fun, went to the park, and hung out. It was what I imagine being a stay at home mom will be like as long as I have other stay at home mom friends to help keep me sane!

I have been cooking a lot this week. It has been pretty fun, we eat dinner kind of late but that is OK. Steve grills the meet and I try to find new creative side dishes. This week I made mango salsa, "best ever green beans and potatoes", green beans and potatoes with bacon, and that's all I can remember. But a couple of weeks ago I made a cabbage salad with cucumbers and carrots and a vinaigrette type dressing. I love to try out new recipes and think of different ways to make the same old stuff. Amy came over the night we had the best ever veggies and the manog salsa, and she it was the best dinner she had in a long time, that made me feel good. Once again another thing to look forward to- one day being home and actually able to get dinner on the table before 8 o'clock. Tomorrow I am going to make stuffed bell peppers!

So while in Elko, Simon was playing on the kids bikes and tricycles a ton, so I decided I want to buy him so I was perusing Amazon earlier and came upon this beauty. Definitely not for Simon, but for future Lucy maybe. It really makes me think of my friend Arielle though, and since tomorrow (today by the time most people read this) is her birthday, I am posting it in her honor. I sent it to her on facebook today and told her she should get for her daughter. They make it in red too, for boys, but it is just so much cuter in pink! Isn't it adorable?

In other news, Steve and I are both speaking at church on Sunday. Steve's topic is healing the sick, and my topic is personal revelation. Both perfect for each of us, Steve with the nursing thing, and me because I have been praying alot lately about the whole daycare thing, it has been a very difficult decision to make but very necessary. I still feel kind of nervous about it, but we got to a point where it became necessary to switch, and with Steve's mom opening hers up at this same time, we had to switch to her. I am very nervous about all the driving, and I'm wondering if that is why I am getting the nervous feeling, but it worries me even more because I am going against the feeling and answers I have been getting to my prayers. My most recen desire is for Steve and I to figure out a way that I can be a stay-at-home mom. With switching Simon to his 3rd daycare provider in just a year and a half, it has made me realize that I don't want someone else to have to raise my son, I should be doing it. I had a good talk with Kristen about this while we were in Elko and I feel very strongly about figuring out some way to make this happen, but I also get the feeling like it is something we need to wait a few months to let happen, it's not quite the right time for it yet. But soon, soon I hope! I gotta go to bed, I am supposed to be studying for my talk, but I hadn't posted in a while, and wanted to do some updating!