Saturday, August 7, 2010

new background and post below

I am trying to change my background and its not showing on my computer except for about 1/4 inch on the left side. can you guys see the background? It should have a swirly thing and a cute little owl. I love owls!! I got owl flip flops for my b-day, and my friend Christy got me my first Life is Good shirt with a little owl on it. LOVE IT!
So background? Yes? no? half of it?


I have a blog! That's nothing new, but the fact that I am posting is kind of a big deal. We have been super busy. I went to Vegas for a week (July 19-23) for work to help decorate a new store we are opening down there and have been home for two weeks now?? Not even sure, but my clothes are still in my suitcase from that trip. We hung out with friends from church the next day. Sunday went to see Amy talk at church, went to a friends babyshower, and then I had an awesome birthday party up at Tahoe two days after I came back, got some terrific awesome presents from Steve's family! Went back to work had a birthday dinner with Steve the day of (july 27th) and went out to Sushi for the first time since before I was pregnant with Simon. Went to Club Tahoe the next weekend, had work all week long.

And now here we are, its Friday night, Steve and Simon have both been asleep for two hours, I am posting pictures on Facebook, and updating my blog. I really should be cleaning because my parents are going to be here on Tuesday and my house is a wreck. It really isn't that bad, I basically just need to load the washer, pick up Simon's toys (Again), and do laundry (wash the dirty and actually fold and put away the clean stuff instead of leaving it in totes at the foot of our bed). But here I am, in blogland, because I never have time on the computer because Steve is always using it to study and do homework, and I could use the computer hooked up to the tv but that is hard because the fonts don't really blow up really well and it really hurts my eyes, not really good for typing up stuff but good for reading because I can enlarge the text. But anyways, I am majorly rambling!
So the past 3 weeks have been incredibly hectic, and the ones before that were too, though I can't tell you much of what happened except I switched days off at work at the beginning of July because my sister was driving through town with her husband and two kids so I took them up to Lake Tahoe to go swimming and play in the dirt, but most of you already know that because you are friends with Leslie too, and besides the only people that really read this blog are my sisters and my mom, and me hoping there are comments!

Anyways, rambling again. Needless to say, we have been really busy. People ask me when Steve will be home on any night and I always say I have no idea, could be 6, could be midnight. How sad is it that I don't even know my husband's schedule and when he will be home at night. This semester has just been so ridiculous and I am so glad that in less than a week it will be over!

I have posted some picture albums on my blog of 4th of July, Lake Tahoe with Steve's family, and I am about to post Virginia City with my dad when he was here with us for a few days, and in a couple days my mom and dad will both be here!! Yay! and after me and Steve make it through this coming week and survive through his finals we are going to Glacier National Park! I think, Steve is having second thoughts now just because I want to cut one day out of camping... But we will get all worked out, I just have to get him to realize it will still be worth it and a lot of fun, and we should bring Simon with us. So, now that you are done reading my frazzled disjointed blog about our hectic, superbusy lives go to facebook and check out my albums from our latest mini-adventures and funness!