Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's that time again...

Well everyone it's that time again. Time for my monthly blog update. After writing that title I realized the words "that time" is often used to mean something else, but that's not what I mean. So I am already awake and it's not even 7:30. I am so disappointed, I hate waking up early, and I love to sleep in until the last second possible. Steve just left with Simon to take him to his mom's while we both work this morning so I have the house to myself for an hour before I have to leave for work. Normally I go back to bed for about 45 minutes but I was feeling rather alert and decided to just stay awake. So I am sitting here typing away at my computer and listening to the birds outside my window. It is a beautiful spring morning in Reno.
I really don't have too much to blog about. Besides the joys my family brings me, my life is quite dull. This is how a typical day goes: I wake up, lay in bed and feed Simon, shower, get dressed, get Simon out of bed because he is crying, get my things ready for work, drop Simon off at daycare, go to work, pump three times during my breaks, go pick up Simon from daycare, go home, feed Simon, watch a movie feed Simon and eat dinner, go to bed and nurse Simon to sleep. Not too exciting, but now that the weather is warming up we can throw in something like go on a walk in the evening, or go in the backyard and grill.
Last night we were able to attend a fireside/type meeting for 9 stakes in Northern Nevada. It was for young single adults and young married couples and Elder Bednar and Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the twelve came to speak to us along with ElderZwick and one other Elder from the 70 I think but I already forgot who. It was very cool. Instead of doing the typical talks thing, they let people ask questions and they would answer. Very cool to have two apostles and get to pick their brain for guidance and counsel. They concentrated a lot in their answers on telling their opinions but also on making sure that we would seek out our own answers through prayer and study and personal revelation. I thought that was very important that they put such a focus on personal revelation because even though they are apostles of the Lord, they don't know what is best for each and every person in attendance that night, and so we all need to search for our own answers and go to the Lord in prayer. After the conference was over, we got in line and got to go up on stage to shake their hands. Simon already has first General Authority brag story, he has met two apostles already and they even shook his hand too!
In other news. Simon had a doctor's appointment Wednesday to get his 6 month shots. He started Army crawling on the table which was really exciting. He showed stranger anxiety for the first time. The doctor was checking out his eyes and ears and he couldn't see me or Steve and he got this terrified look on his face and he started crying (and this was before shots or needles) but as soon as he could see us he was fine again. He now weighs 16 lbs 1 ounce. Is 25 3/4 inches tall and his head circumferenec is 45.6 (I am guessing centimeters). So height and weight are 25th percentile, head circumference is 90th percentile. The doctor always gives us a paper with normal developmental things he should be doing between a certain age group, this time it is 6 to 9 months and he already does everything on the paper. I may just be one of those moms that thinks her child is the most amazing child in the world (which I do think) but Simon just seems so advanced to me and Steve. We are always comparing him to other babies around us and at church, at the store, everywhere, and he seems so different from them. Simon is so aware of everything around him. If he sees something he reaches and lunges for it and tries to wiggle/roll his way towards it so he can get it and put in his mouth. It is impossible to eat food when holding him, he wants to eat everything! You also can't get a drink without him trying to take your cup from you. He already knows how to dirnk out of a cup. The first time he tried he would have his tongue on the outside of the glass, but he learned quickly it doesn't really work that way and now drinks the right way. When I get a drink while he is in my lap, he will reach up for the glass and try to grab it out of my hands, then he will put one hand on each side of the glass and pull it up to his mouth so then I just tilt a little bit so he can get a little drink of water. And then if I try to take it away before heis done he will not let go of the glass and it is so hard to pry his little hands from the glass. Perhaps we will start a sippy cup soon... I'm not sure because I am kinda scared to because that means my little baby boy is already growing up.
On Monday we had a pretty bad scare. I was holding him while at the computer and I let him hold a piece of paper and next thing I know he had chewed up a lot of it and was choking on it, I didn't even notice, luckily Steve was ther. So he starts choking on it and throwing up and stuff and couldn't really breathe because these bits of paper were stuck in his throat. It was really scary but I just kept him leaned forward and was patting his back while he threw up all over the floor. He is fine now, but I was terrified.
For Mother's Day Steve got a potted orchid. It is a Phalaenopsis Rochid, and Leslie says they are the easiest, so I am going to try my luck with it, I hope I can give the attention and care it deserves. Then, for part of my mother's day present, we went out for lunch and on Thursday Steve had a massage therapist he knows come to our house and give me a one hour massage. It was sooooo nice! It was my first massage ever, and I loved it! Most amazing thing in the world. I would like to make it a regular habit, but it is expensive and we are saving up for a down payment on a house so its hard to justify that 70 dollars. Allthough I hope it becomes a regular part of my Mother's Day present, kind of like how flowers and a card are necessary for Mother's Day, for me it will be a card, potted plant, and massage! Steve also made me breakfast in bed Sunday morning, and got Simon a cute bib that says "I love Mommy", I think there was something else too, but I can't think of it right now, and I gotta hurry and go get ready for work since I have to be there in less than an hour and haven't showered yet, Yikes!! I have to hurry!