Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pregnancy Pictures: Week 37

Yep, still pregnant. Here are some pictures we took today.

Still not that big considering I only have 2 1/2 weeks left.

I made it through almost entire pregnancy with no stretch marks on my belly. About two weeks ago these appeared. They really aren't that bad, and you can barely see them in the picture, it's just mostly the bottom half of my stomach going in circles around my belly button. Although they have faded some the past couple of days, it still kind of makes me sad, I made it so far, but I shouldn't complain, these are nothing on what some people got.

Pumpkin Patch Date

A couple of Fridays ago, on the 17th, Steve and I went on a date!! We went to a pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins, and also went through the corn maze at the place, Ferrari Farms! This was my first time ever going to a pumpkin patch (that I can remember) and it was a lot of fun, although the pumpkins at these places are EXPENSIVE! or maybe I am just cheap. Steve's pumpkin cost $8 and mine was $2. Then it was $5 each to go through the corn maze, I think the maze was a reasonable price. The corn maze was not scary, the paths were very narrow, and after some searching we finally found the end!! After the pumpkin patch we went out to dinner at the Grand Sierra buffet, yummy! It was a very fun date. On the way we bought a wind-up flashlight which worked way good, I was very impressed! We had tons of fun and enjoyed our little fall date together and hope to start this as a family tradition. Anyways, enjoy the pictures!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heritage Makers

So, last night I went out to eat with my best friend Christy, we went to Washoe, a steakhouse, and I think it was probably the best steak I have ever had, it was perfect and delicious. But, that's not what this blog is about.
Christy is a consultant for Heritage Makers and they make personalized books, cards, calendars, and other cool stuff, so while we were at dinner she showed me her latest book which is about her pregnancy with her son Joshua, and it was very cool. Basically, if you want to make a book you use this program they have to custom-make everything or use already made templates, and then they send you your book! Or if you are into digital scrapbooking, but want to put your 12x12 pages into a traditional scrapbook, you can just print out your 12x12 digital pages. They are perfect if you like the idea of scrapbooking but don't want to deal with the mess, and they are also beautiful wonderful quality hardbound books. I love these books, and wanted to put out a little blurb for Christy and what it is she does. She does workshops to teach other people how to do online storybooking, and does them online and at people's homes.
I will be hosting a workshop sometime in November (just in time for the holiday season, I think these books can make a perfect gift for family members and friends), depending on when baby comes, so if you are interested please let me know and I will let you know when it is. Anyways, Christy will do a much better job letting you know what it is she does, so here is a link to her storyteller blog and her heritage makers website to see what it is all about! I also have a link to her own blog on the left side of my page.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photo Tag

You are supposed to look in your photos on your computer and post your 4th photo in your 4th folder and tell what is going on in that picture.

"Gene Simmons and His Studded Package"

I thought this was too hilarious, and wanted to die when I opened up our pictures to figure out what the winner would be. Totally not representative in any way of the pictures we take, but that's what it was. Too funny if you ask me. So our 4th folder is Steve's pictures from his disposable camera when we went to Seattle. This was at the Experience Music Project. This is an outfit that Gene Simmons from KISS wore.
I tag: Arielle, Mom, Erin, and Jodi.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Today it snowed all day long. Not kidding. I loved it. I went outside for a second just to stand in the snow, and it made me very giddy and giggly. I am really excited for winter now. I think it was especially nice because they were the big fat wet snowflakes, and it was still pretty warm outside, so it was just perfect kind of like a cold spring rainstorm. Don't worry though, it will be back in the 70s next week!
Here is a news video on the weather today, hopefully the link works ok.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Shower

On Saturday afternoon my sister-in-law Melanie threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun, and had very very good food, fun games, and cute decorations. It had a fall theme, and it was a perfect beautiful fall day. It even "showered" right when the shower was starting kinda cute I thought. Lots of people showed up (family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers) and I got lots of good presents. Thanks a lot to Melanie for throwing the shower and to Jared (her husband) who helped her out a lot, and everyone who came and helped in other ways!

Melanie got me a bunch of onesies plus the shower, they looked so cute over the fireplace!

My due date!

All of the yummy food Melanie prepared. She made a butternut soup-delicious!!!!
Caramel Apples
Some of the guests- Aunt Donielle and Candella, Vicki, and Marie Cousin Matthew, Nicole, Melanie, and Grandma, Renee standing

This gift is from Cindy, it is actually the outfit Steve was blessed in as a baby.
From Steve's Grandma, a baby book and blanket that she knitted.

Cute snowman pajamas with snowflakes on the feet and another one that said "SMILE" from Monica
A high chair from Cindy and Mike
Nicole and Me eating the good food.
Me with the presents!Renee and I with the presents

There are more pictures but I forgot to turn the flash on on my camera and they turned out a little blurry, so those will be in a photo album on facebook sometime in the near future...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Quite a while ago someone (I think maybe one of Steve's sisters) decided we needed to have predictions for when the baby would come and how much he will weigh. I have had the list on a bulletin board in our room since then, and am finally going to publish it for all to see. Right now it only has Steve's family on it, and my mom, so if other people want to put in predictions I will add them, but only people who will be in Reno are eligible for the prize, sorry but I don't want to send a candy bar in the mail! The winner, which is whoever is the closest to the real date he comes, will win a Baby Ruth candy bar. And also whoever is closest to how much he weighs will win a Baby Ruth candy Bar. Just a little background info. I weighed 7 lbs 11 1/2 oz. Steve weighed 7 lbs 13 oz. Not sure about how early or late we were, but I think we were both a little bit early. My official due date is November 12th, but when they did that first ultrasound the tech said it looked closer to November 6th, but its not enough of a difference to change the date, and then they say plus or minus two weeks anyways. But almost everyone thinks he is coming early and hoping for Halloween or Nevada Day as it is called here. We will see. Here are the predictions (names are as I know people not how baby will know them), wish I could put them in a calendar, but I'm not that high-tech.
Wednesday October 29- Melanie
Thursday October 30-
Friday October 31- Grandma (Naomi)
Saturday November 1- Grandpa (John)
Sunday November 2-
Monday November 3- Kristy
Tuesday November 4-
Wednesday November 5- Renee
Thursday November 6- Jodi
Friday November 7- CindyMom
Saturday November 8- Mom (Cathy)
Sunday November 9- Amy
Monday Novemer 10-
Tuesday November 11- Mike
Wednesday November 12- Official Due Date
Thursday November 13- Kari (ME!)
Friday November 14- Leslie
Saturday November 15-
Sunday November 16-
Monday November 17- Steve
*It's interesting that Steve and I are the only ones that guessed anything past my due date, perhaps everyone else is quite anxious for this and reality is hitting us that we aren't quite ready yet... Like my sister Leslie says, they are a lot easier to take care of when they are inside of you then out.

And For the weight guesses, a separate competition.

6 lbs 5 oz- Renee
6 lbs 6 oz- Mike
6 lbs 9 oz- Grandpa
6 lbs 13 oz- Cindy
7 lbs 2 oz- Steve and Grandma
7 lb 5 oz- Amy
7 lb 6 oz- Jodi
7 lb 7 oz- Melanie
7 lb 8 oz- Mom
7 lb 9 oz- Leslie
7 lb 11 oz- Kristy
8 lb 3 oz- Me
*What kind of person guesses a weight this high for herself, you would think I hate my self or something, I should be wanting like 6 lbs or something little!

And one last little note... Baby names... coming soon, a topic I am bitter about so it will get its own post.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Background

I have a new background!! I found out that even though I have a background from a different website, I can still customize the colors of my text and stuff, so I have been messing around with that for a while. What do you think? Are all of the different colors too much? I love fall. We have one tree at the end of the street that has already changed colors, and the others are soon to follow I am sure. It has cooled down significantly, and this is what I consider perfect weather. Warm during the day and just cool enough in the evenings that all you need is a long sleeved shirt. Not cold enough for heat or warm for AC. I love it!!!

Christmas Advent Calendar

So at Sunday dinner Melanie was talking about how she found the avon advent (is it an advent calendar if it doesn't have candy in it?) calendar on Ebay that their family had growing up and she bought one, and I decided that I wanted one too. My family had the same calendar to count down until Christmas and Steve had it too so I thought it would be especially cool to have one since we both had it growing up. So I went on to ebay, found the calendar and then did the make an offer option to buy my very own. It ended up being 22.80 with shipping and handling, I think I probably could have gotten it for 20.80 but oh well. I paid less than the guy was asking, and less than their starting auction bid if I was to buy it from the store that way. It should come in a couple of days!! I am super excited to have a family tradition for our little family that we both grew up with, and think it was totally worth the money I spent on it! If you are interested in buying one I got it from the seller twiceirish511 or search for "Vintage Avon Christmas Countdown Calendar with Mouse"

Picture from who also sells the calendar, they say its $10 plus at least $7 for shipping, and their slightly confusing page made it look an additional $7.50 for paying with your credit card... not sure though, so that could be a cheaper route to go...