Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures

On Monday I had a doctor's appointment (which will now happen every two weeks ugh) and for $20 we could do another ultrasound, so we (me mostly I really wanted to) decided to go ahead and do another, basically just to make sure it really is a boy before I go to crazy buying stuff, and just kinda to make sure everything was going good. Our baby is so stinking cute already! The doctor said he has his daddy's nose, I figure we both have huge noses so its hard to tell, but I like Steve's better and think it isn't so large as mine is. Baby buck looks so cute and sweet and angelic, I think he is going to be very sweet like his dad and enjoy being at quiet places. Anyways, here are the pictures!! I took pictures of the printout with our camera, and think they turned out pretty good. Captions are under each picture.

The right half of the picture is our baby's face, forehead is in shadow then you can see two eyes a nose, and a tiny little mouth and chin, then his chest. (He is laying on his side)
The top of his head, his nose, and his little fist!!
Face again centered in the middle picture on his side, you can see his forehead in the shadow area, and then you can see one of his eyes in the light area and his nose and chubby cheeks.
This one is deeper inside, you can actually see his brain (the black area with white squiggles) and then an eye (the small black circle) and a light spot where his nose is. his head fills the whole frame.
These are his little legs!! His knees are on the left and then his legs go towards the upper right corner. His man stuff can actually be seen between his two legs!And you probably don't want to know what this is, and probably can't tell, but its his man stuff. He is definitely a he!!!!


Leserlee said...

His "man stuff." LOL. It's called a penis and scrotum. I doubt his testicles have descended yet. You are funny.

Danila said...

Congratulations! What great ultrasound pictures. I remember how excited we were when Jaidyn was born and the ultrasound pictures make it even more exciting. I agree he really is a handsome one. We're so excited for you both!

dacjohns said...

I never was any good with seeing the baby in an ultrasound. I do see the baby, but definitely not all that you see. Can't wait to come and help out. Love you.