Saturday, September 13, 2008


So when Steve and I got home tonight, he checked the mailbox and there was an envelope from UNR in it. He opened it and found a check for a nice sum of money. No letter, no explanation or anything, but he got another scholarship! My smart, smart husband, I am so proud of him for doing amazing in school. This semester is going to be his hardest so far because it is his last semester before he can apply to nursing school and he HAS to get straight A's. He is taking Anatomy, Microbiology, Chemistry, and I can't remember what else, and we will be having a baby just about the time he has several midterms to take, and then he will be finishing the semester with a crying baby at home. Poor Steve, but he is brilliant and I know he is going to well in all of his classes, and I know this check will help a lot because he has been stressing about finances and how we are going to survive when I'm not working for a month or two. But I am very proud of Steve for how well he has done in school so far and that he is able to qualify for these random scholarships he gets sometimes. He is so stinking smart and a hard worker, and I know he will do awesome this semester!


Jodi said...

yes, pay your tithing and you will make it.

Leserlee said...

Yay for money! That's always nice. Seriuosly, sometimes I wonder why I am so blessed. I have two really great kids. I wonder what is going to be asked of me in exchange for all these wonderful blessings.

dacjohns said...

Steve, that is great! Congratulations! We are very proud of you. Keep up the good work. You can do it. Even with Baby Buc coming. He will be a very good baby. Just wait and see. If not, then I can always take him until you are done. (That is while I am there. Unless you want me to take him. LOL)