Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scary Movies

I have recently (tonight) come to realize that I do not like scary movies. Steve has been wanting to watch I am Legend the past few nights and I keep putting it off, but since it's the movie we have from Blockbuster right now we have to watch it, right? So Steve is watching I am Legend, and I am catching up on everyone's blogs. It's not even really a very scary movie but it just makes me really anxious and nervous and my heart is beating faster and all tense feeling, and I don't like it. So scary movies, not really for me. Which is weird, I used to like them. Erin and I would stay up and watch a couple of scary movies in one night sometimes when she was living in Provo but we would always follow the scary ones with a light-hearted movie I think to help us sleep better. For some reason I really let movies get to me. Even Jurassic Park as a kid, I would always sleep completely under the covers after watching because I was afraid the dinosaurs would get me in my sleep (I was 8, dinosaurs shouldn't scare me that bad). Anyways, there is a glimpse for all of you into the pansy-ness of me. Not very scary movies scare me a lot, and make it hard for me to sleep for a few nights afterwards.
As an added note: I think a lot of the reason I get scared easily is from watching way too much X-Files growing up, that show will scare you for life! I remember when we lived in North Carolina the tv was downstairs (like 7 steps down) and at the end of the night whoever was the last one out would have to turn off the light before heading upstairs. Whenever I had to do it I would turn off the light and run up the stairs as quickly as I could into where it was light because I was scared something would get me.
Which reminds me of this movie about the tooth fairy called Darkness Falls. "Stay in the light and you stay alive." That movie had me scared of the dark for months, and maybe still does. Leslie and I were living together when we watched at Erin's place and man, anytime we were in the dark Leslie would say, "stay in the light and you'll stay alive," and I would freak out and scream and run or turn on the lights. That one scared for me a long time, and I think to this day when Leslie and I are together she will still say this to me just to watch me freak out.


dacjohns said...

I don't like scary movies either. But I don't think Jurrassic Park was that scary. You are funny. But then I was older than you when it came out. My scary movie was "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte". Now THAT was scary. Especially when you see it at the theater and thought for sure that the head was going to roll pass your feet at the theater. (And we thought we were going to see an Elvis Presley movie. What a disappointment that was.) I was with a best friend, Bonnie. Today is her birthday. I am going to try and call her if the phone number I found is correct. Wish me luck. Love you.

Leserlee said...

I was just about to comment in Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte. I still can't sleep with my hands outside the covers. And that was at least 15 years ago.

Leserlee said...

I'll have to try the Darkness Falls thing on you sometime. I was laughing so hard when I read your side note. Carl had to ask about it. Hilarious.