Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pregnancy Pictures: Week 32 (and other baby stuff)

Sorry these are a little blurry, I don't know what was up with our camera.

Still no stretchmarks (on the belly at least), and yes my belly button has "popped" I officially have an outie!
Lately, whenever I am out and people ask how long I have left I tell them two months (I'm due November 12th) and for some reason I always get the same reaction. Gasp, oh my goodness, are you serious, ohhh, I'm sorry, something along those lines. For some reason people are very shocked I still have 8 weeks left and they all think I am about ready to pop. I know I am very skinny, and my belly is very big, but still, it's not that big!! I think 8 weeks isn't long enough, that is so soon to me!! And everyone thinks he is going to be 2 weeks early, so that would mean only 6 weeks left! I am definitely not ready for that yet, and am not uncomfortable yet, so I am fine with baby bucc hanging out for a while longer, it seems so soon, but I am starting to feel more prepared as far as baby stuff is concerned.
We now have a bassinet with lots of extra sheets (thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Donielle), a whole drawer of my dresser full of 0-3 clothes, other size clothes, some cute stuffed animals I bought at Cost Plus World Market, a car seat and two bases (thank you Tanya and Christy for getting it from her to me), some blankets, towels, washcloths, a baby bath, baby wipes (but not diapers yet I love costco we have a ton of wipes), a diaper pail, some baby toy/gym type things, a boppy type nursing pillow, and a huge comfy pregnancy body pillow that is my favorite thing in the world (who knew what a difference those can make!!) And I haven't even had a baby shower yet!!! Most of the stuff came from Uncle Mike and Aunt Donielle, and Steve and I are very grateful for everything they gave us, it felt like a baby shower on its own because there was so much wonderful stuff!!! My baby shower is on October 4th at 1 p.m. and Melanie is hosting it, I am very excited, she is going to throw a fun party and she has been spending a lot of time planning it for a the last couple of months.


Jodi said...

The thing is Kari that the last few weeks, I think like 6 the baby gains like a pound each week, so you will grow much faster the next few weeks and you do look like you are ready to pop.

Leserlee said...

It's because your torso is so short. That's why I always looked so big too. I can't believe you have so little time left. My goodness. Is Bryant that old already?? Too bad Costco doesn't carry newborn sized diapers. I think you will probably need close to 200 newborn diapers, just so you know. Hopefully you get a bunch at your baby shower. The size one diapers will be way too big for quite awhile, even if they are for 8 pounds and up. They will just swallow a baby up. Bryant is just now getting to the point where the newborn diapers don't seem huge on him.