Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steve's 27th Birthday

August 19th was Steve's real birthday, but the 20th is when we had the party. I got to be in charge of it, which makes sense because I am his wife, but I wasn't expecting to because normally Steve's mom does everyone's party. So I planned his party, wasn't so sure how it was going to turn out, but actually was fun. I brought him home balloons as a surprise on his birthday since we didn't do anything really that day! And his birthday party was pirate-themed complete with pirate-ship pinata!

Steve in his pirate mask with balloons I brought home to him on his b-day
Another picture of the balloons, I was really excited about them
Some decorations (they weren't as cool as I wanted because I ran out of time decorating, there were supposed to be crepe-paper streamers everywhere)
Me working on the cake. I made a German chocolate cake (per Steve's request) and it almost was a disaster. My first real cake experience, the first layer split into four pieces when I took it out of the pan and flipped it (I didn't cut the top off to make it flat first). Then I started the second cake for the top layer and forgot to grease the pan, whoops. It actually did come out of the pan, in one piece, just had a crack down the middle, but turned out nice, then I covered it in frosting and no one could even tell I screwed it up so bad! Next year's will be better.
Me in my cute apron Mel gave me for my birthday, and Grandma who kept me company in the kitchen while I was destroying the cake.
The cool pirate-ship pinata and the pirate masks
Steve with the pinata
Most of the family on our new sectional!
Steve's presents and the awesome parrot I bought for decorations!
Steve's cake, see it turned out okay... right? The frosting was really darker green.
Renee and I bringing the cake to the birthday boy!
He got them all in one breath, hope he wished for something really good!
Wok and kitchen tools from Melanie and Jared
Root Beers
Crayons, Indiana Jones coloring book, and pirate sword and gun
Most of the family in our intimidating pirate masks!
Mike and Melanie
Amy, Renee, Melanie, and Me. Scary pirates, don't mess with us!
Me getting the pinata ready to get busted open!
Steve ready to attack the pinata and get his "booty" or loot.
There he goes, he actually had his eyes closed and everyone in the house was scared because were doing the pinata in the house (it was too dark out and we wouldn't have been able to see the candy when it broke)


Leserlee said...

Way cool. Way cool. Sorry the cake fell apart, but hey, that's what frosting is for, right? Since Steve likes German chocolate, it should be easy to remember what type of cake to make each year, since it's mom's favorite too.

dacjohns said...

What a great birthday party. Wish I was there. I didn't know you got a new sofa. It looks nice. Did you get it at Ashley's? With a good discount?

Kari and Steve said...

With an amazing discount! We were having a friends and family sale for three days and Steve is my family. It was buy one thing get another thing for $1. So we bought a bed, got a dresser for $1, and bought the sectional and got a mattress for $1!!