Monday, August 25, 2008

Shopping (again)

Steve and I went to Ross tonight because after looking at ads earlier I decided this was a good time for him to buy a couple new ties, so after talking about it we headed to Ross instead of a department store because they are so cheap. We bought Steve two new ties, and I, being the impulse buyer I have been lately, bought a new apron (I'm addicted, I now have 6!) and a cute pair of shoes I accidentally found in the kids section. They are supposedly size 4 1/2 but they fit on my foot normally a 7 and Mel put them on too, normally an 8 I think. Interesting. Good thing I bought them or some little girl would have found them for back to school and cried when they didn't fit her. Things I love about my new stuff: the rick-rack on the apron, the beads on the bats eyes, and the heart-shaped buckles on my shoes!


Leserlee said...

The shoes are cute. I really like them. Kids sizes are similar to men's sizes, so a 4 1/2 in kids would be like a 6 1/2 in women's. I like the red tie too. I hope you realize that babies aren't cheap. You might want to curb that impulse shopper in you sometime soon. LOVE YOU!!!

dacjohns said...

Your shoes are cute. Maybe I need to start looking in the kids department too. I also liked the ties and your apron. Where are you going to keep all the aprons?
And I agree with Leslie about the impulsive shopping habit. You won't be working for a while so you need to be careful with your money. Especially if you ever want to get a house.

Kari and Steve said...

Right now I have the aprons hanging on a little tiny door handle for our pull-out ironing board, but they don't fit anymore so we have some little hooks we are going to put in the wall in the kitchen to hang them all on!