Friday, August 8, 2008

Seattle Pictures!

Hoh Rainforest
Pike Place Farmer's Market *Mom notice the price for morels in this pic (it's the reason I took it)
Harbor CruiseSeattle Aquarium- we got to touch starfish, sea slugs, anemones, and other stuff...
Science Fiction Museum/Experience Music Poject

The Space Needle, sadly we didn't go to the top this time.

Heading back to catch the bus to the airport. I like to take pictures of these covers in different cities. There was another cool grate cover with totems on it, but I didn't get a picture of it.
On the plane home, we look so happy to be going home!
I am finally posting our pictures from Seattle. I tried to make photo albums of them on facebook, so here are the links. I think I am not meant to post these Seattle pictures for some reason. Facebook hates me right now and won't let me do the easy download where you just click all the pictures you want to add, so I have to add them and one at a time, and when you have over 100 pictures, that takes a while! So maybe I will be posting the link to the albums, and maybe not... this is just a start, give me a few more days and I might be able to make my computer like me and cooperate with me to get all of the pics on here, this post is just a little taste...


Leserlee said...

I'm glad you got to do some fun things, even though your hotel sucked. So does this mean you finally got your camera back? Those morels, holy smokes, those are expensive. Is Steve sporting a mini-mohawk these days?

dacjohns said...

I was wondering about Steve's hair too?
Those morels were expensive. I should really pick more and sell them. I could get rich.
I was glad to finally see a picture where you conquered Seattle. Was about to think you didn't get a picture of Seattle with the flag. Glad it make it.
The rain forest looks like a good place to visit. There is a lot to see in Seattle. Maybe we need to go on a trip there someday.

Nicole said...

i'm so glad you left me a comment, i din't know you guys had a blog! i am an addicted 'blurfer' so i'm glad to add you to my list :)