Thursday, August 18, 2011

two boys

Tonight Steve and I got to babysit our little nephew Phineas. It was a lot of fun and I have to say that having kids two different ages is a lot easier than having two kids the same age. This makes me hopeful for my impending future. Phin turned 1 in March and Simon will be turning 3 in November. Simon did pretty good sharing with his cousin, and even tolerated being sat on and squished by him, even though Phin is almost as big as Simon (and over a year younger), Simon just laid there and let him and wasn't even mean and didn't push him off or anything.

As we were walking to the Food Co-op I realized we looked like a crazy baby making couple, two little boys and a third one on the way, and they all were aged so that they technically could have been ours! I couldn't imagine having my third kid on the way! So as much as I love Phin, and as good as he was for us, I am so glad I am only about to have baby #2 and not baby #3. And I am pretty sure his mom and dad are crazy about him and wouldn't want to give him up anyways.

Today I took a really long lunch and went out for Awful Awful's (Awfully Big and Awfully Good hamburgers with a pound of fries) with Steve, Simon, Mel, Jared, Phin, and Cindy to celebrate "the last day of Steve's youth." By the time I finish typing this my husband will be turning 30! He thinks he is getting old, but I don't think so. (Probably easier for me to say because I just turned 26, and on a tangent realized I never posted about my awesome party with family up at Tahoe, so I will post about that and my FIL's 50th bday soon) Happy Birthday Steve (you will get your own post too)

But anyways back to babysitting. We walked to the Co-op and bought yummy little organic suckers (for the boys and me) and ate them on the way home, and the boys loved them and so did I, and Steve got a yummy fancy Root Beer.

Notice in both of the previous pictures the boys have their suckers in their mouths, and they didn't remove them until they were completely gone and even then it was hard to get the sticks away. Mel and Jared- I am kind of sorry I gave Phin a sucker- but it was organic, and Aunt's and Uncle's can spoil their nephew right? ...Right? Anyways- two boys- FUN, two boys at different stages- even more FUN. Good thing too, I am excited and a little less fearful for my future now.

It was a fantastic evening and I can't wait to do it again, hopefully very soon- hint hint Mel and Jared- go on another date and let me watch your son!
P.S.-I took several pictures and Simon took tons tonight with the camera but they all turned out blurry like a few that I posted anyways. What do you expect with two toddlers- it's nearly impossible to get them to stay still long enough for a picture, so we got some fun, blurry, action shots! and a lot of blurry pictures of random stuff that Simon took.


Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I'm glad you had fun with the two boys. I can't believe you only have a month left!

dacjohns said...

Glad it was a successful evening with two little ones. I won't worry about how you do with two boys. You will be just fine. Love you.