Monday, October 18, 2010


I just wanted to make a quick post, but now we are going to bed. We have been super busy like always, just trying to keep caught up with work, school, and taking care of our family and our home. Steve and I have been having a lot of fun the last few nights playing the newest Halo game. I love that we can still play video games together because that is how our friendship started that eventually grew into a relationship. I have been trying to cook a lot more lately to help ease the load Steve has with work, work, internship, and school. I recently made chile rellenos which were delicious, and last night I made avocado egg rolls similar to ones at BJ's Brewery or at Cheesecake factory- they were AMAZING! and the dipping sauce, oh my goodness, could totally eat that by itself. Well the computer just informed that there are 16 minutes remaining on the battery, and the cord is upstairs, and its after 2 am and I work in the morning, so I really should go to bed. Other things keeping me busy- getting ready for Simon's 2nd b-day, only a month away! less than that! planning decorations, menu, presents, etc. and also getting ready for Halloween. He is going to be Megaman- so cute! So far we have spent $4 on his costume- we bought the clothes-pants, shirt, and shorts at Kohls I had two $10 coupons that I got out of the newspaper, and only had to spend $10 to use them, so that was about $1 over we went on that, and then spent two dollars at the dollar store buying a helmet to recover, a pair of gloves, and an LED pushlight to use for his blaster.


dacjohns said...

I wish we could come for dinner. It sounds delicious. I am glad you are able to take some of the work load off Steve. I am sure he appreciates it. He is almost finished with school. Yippee!! Looking forward to seeing the Halloween pictures of my grandchildren this year. It is almost here too. Love you. :)

Leserlee said...

Was the avocado egg roll dipping sauce made of cilantro and honey? If so, it is delicious, and you can eat it by itself (p.s., the leftover sauce makes a nice marinade/sauce for pork tenderloin. Just sayin'.)

Kari and Steve said...

It did have a ton of cilantro and honey, and some other stuff, but that made up a good portion of it. Nice tip for the marinade... I've been wondering what I will do with the leftover, way to good to throw out!