Friday, May 28, 2010


Tonight, Steve and I got to go out on date and see a movie! Steve's mom watched Simon for us, and while at the house she and Mike heard something dripping, so they located the source, behind the fridge, and pulled out the fridge and there was a little puddle of water, and in this puddle of water was feathers, nasty bunch of feathers. I was freaking out because I thought that somehow there was a dead bird behind our fridge, but upon closer inspection with the flashlight, we discovered it was an old nasty feather duster from a previous renter. It was pretty gross, but at least it wasn't a dead bird! I was trying to figure how a bird could even get back there and had decided it must have been the previous renters pet and somehow it got back there and died... anyways. We went to see The Prince of Persia, I really liked it and so did Steve. My only complaint was the cheesy music everytime there was a possibility that there might be a kiss, but like 80% of the time that didn't even happen so it was just really annoying.
And for those wondering about The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Really really weird and strange like I thought it would be. I didn't really like it, but Steve really liked and "thought it was creative and fun."
It was very nice to go see a movie. I think we will be going to a lot this summer because there are a few coming up that we want to see. Some on my personal list of movies worth seeing in the theater this summer (and this a big deal because mostly we rent movies b/c we have unlimited Blockbuster rentals every month): Avatar: The Last Airbender, Robin Hood, Twilight: Eclipse, I guess those are the main ones. But that is a lot for us. There are a few more that I am excited to rent.
happy blogging! can you believe all these posts I've had this week!?


Leserlee said...

So what was the deal with the puddle of water? Was there a leak or something? And who even uses feather dusters? All they do is knock the dust around.

dacjohns said...

Kari, you are amazing. I always look forward to seeing new post by all of my girls.

I agree with Leslie. Feather dusters are worthless. And was there a leak?

I heard Robin Hood hasn't gotten very good reviews. It is already out. So you don't need to wait until this summer to see it.