Sunday, May 16, 2010

fabric and internship!

this pink one reminds me of Arielle
perfect for me and steve!

I can't remember who all of these are, but I like them! I just decided I am going to make a facebook album of fabric I like!

Michael Miller patterns below!

this would make a cute apron for baking in!

cute for backing on a boys quilt!

another cute apron one!

i love owls, love love love them!

I have decided that some day I would really like to sew. I actually have a sewing machine down in our basement that Steve brought home for me. His client is getting rid of some of her stuff, so we are inheriting some cool stuff from her including some cool cookbooks, and now this sewing machine built into a table. So I have decided that some day I am going to sew and will start a cute fabric collection similar to my cute scrapbooking paper collection. I was looking on and finding some cute fabric patterns/designers that I really like, so I have decided to blog about it and post some pictures of some of the ones I REALLY like, and can just dream of making the cutest quilts out of. I may just be a quilter in the future (not sure about clothes unless I have a daughter then I will make dresses maybe), quilts and aprons- I am addicted to aprons- not sure I will make much else, but those two things for sure!
So far (from my 30 minutes of searching) Michael Miller is a favorite, Moda, and Robert Kaufman are on the top of my list. I love cute retro modern patterns!
sorry all the pictures on the top, I still can't figure out blogger, I guess I need to put pictures in first and then do my typing, because I can't even cut and paste these words to put them at the top. GRRR! Anyways, I am sure not too many of you care about fabric so I am going to stop posting pictures of a million different patterns. I am so excited to one day have a little bit of time to learn how to sew. Oh and something that deserves its own post, but I am out of time to do that...

STEVE GOT THE POSITION AT THE VA HOSPITAL!! He just got accepted as an intern at the hospital for their Valor Program. It is a paid internship, 200 hours, and he acts as a nurse from the start, and they told him that they want him when he is done with school! He already has a job and he doesn't even graduate until December!! I am so excited, and this is such a blessing for our family. It is definitely going to come with a lot of trials and stress because it adds 20 hours a week to Steve's already very busy school schedule and 8 hours at his other job, but we have to keep telling ourselves it will be worth it. Like my friend Tiffani told me the other day- we need to ask God for a stronger back not lighter burdens. This will be tough for us and very stressful, so I am definitely going to have to pick up a lot more of the work and make sure I take care of my family and husband especially during this stressful but crucial stage of our life. Congrats to Steve on his hardwork and good grades that made it possible for him to get this internship, oh and did I mention it's a paid internship!! This is so awesome for him, he really wants to work at the VA and take care of our Vets and he also wants to work with seniors which will be great in our area, we have a lot of homeless vets who end up in the va hospital needing care, and Steve is just the guy for the job. He is also on the Student Nursing board as the Community Outreach Director. He has been taking care of the Ronald McDonald house once a month, and has recently expanded the program and volunteer work to cook meals for people staying at the Veterans Guest home. He is an awesome man that husband of mine!


Leserlee said...

Way cute fabrics silly girl! You are such a dork, but I love you! And Congratulations to Steve! That's so exciting for him, but sad for me, because this means the chances of you guys moving here are even slimmer. Bummer. Love you anyway though!

dacjohns said...

I am very happy for all of you. Just keep your chin up. The time will pass quickly and someday you will have fond memories of these days. Don't forget to record this info in your journal. I just taught the lesson on Journals for YW today. It is an important commandment from Heavenly Father. And your posterity. They will love to read about your experiences. I am sorry mine won't have much to read. Very sorry.

I love the fabrics. They are so cute. Some are very retro. I can see you wearing the aprons. Cute! Maybe I can help you learn to sew when I come out. Whenever that will be. Love you all. And miss you too.

dacjohns said...

From Poppers.

You have an awesome husband. Hang in there and take care of him and Simon. The end result will be worth the sacrifice now.

I wish he would at the VA here but that's the way it goes.

Whoo whoo. I like owls too.

Kaycei said...

The cool thing about the VA is that it is a government job which means cool benefits. It also means opportunity to relocate. So.. there is a VA hospital here, and the great MHA program at U of MN. *nudge nudge*
Congratulations to Steve!