Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simon's first birthday

On November 7th, Simon turned one! We had his party at Steve's parents house (THANK YOU!!) My Mom and I made the cake, but mostly my mom (THANK YOU!!) Steve made the gift bags, I didn't have a good picture of them but you can see them somewhere below. The theme we ended up picking out was a Dr. Seuss theme. So we had green deviled eggs, ham subs, goldfish crackers, pink lemonade, Simon had a Thing bib, and lots of Suess colors and a guestbook for everyone to sign that was "Oh the Places You'll Go", people signed in the front and back cover and wrote a little note to Simon. I thought it was a lot of fun, there were kids there which made it feel more like a party, and the food was pretty yummy. The decorations didn't turn out quite like I wanted, I found lots of good ideas online months in advance, but time still got the best of me and I didn't get everything looking the way I wanted. Oh well, we still had lots of fun!
The pictures are in reverse order.

All of the kids that came

Time for presents, he looked so excited, I LOVE this picture!!
Simon finishing up his cupcake
Simon's cupcake my mom made and decorated for him

Cake with the fish from The Cat in the Hat

My mom molded the fish out of orange candy melts and made all the little scales! The fish is in the fish bowl and my mom made all the fondant and we dyed it and cut out different shapes and stuff to decorate it.
Presents and guestbook table
Green eggs! So cute, I got the idea online and Cindy made them!
Steve working on the gift bags, a combined idea by both of us, the Cat in the Hat's hat!!
The cake was multi-colored inside kinda like the way the cover of "Oh the Places You'll Go" looks. We took white cake mix and dyed it all different colors.
My mom mixing all the colors
She's so cute! and did an amazing job on the cake!!
This is all the updating for now. Blogger is being really slow and annoying, stay posted for more and don't miss my superlate one below about Halloween!


Leserlee said...

I love your mom! She is amazing! That cake was so cute. I can't get over it. Looks like it was a fun birthday. Your kid is spoiled. I guess ours would be if we let people bring presents, but we refuse to allow such things. They have enough toys as it is.

dacjohns said...

I love your blog. It is so cute. Thanks for posting it. (Finally.)
We had a great day. Glad we were able to get the cake finished on time. What did you do with the extra fondant?
I love Leslie's comments to. Great! Thank you.

Kaycei said...

I agree on the spoiled part. Those were a lot of presents. As always, Mom did a great job on the cake. We have a Super-Mom.