Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catch-up... several new posts

So what has happened since the trip to the ER you might ask? Well, quite a bit actually so I am going to try to catch up while Simon is in bed sleeping and Steve is happily playing video games during his last hours of freedom before nursing school starts back up...
Well the ER thing happened on Halloween and Simon had a wonderful Halloween. He dressed up as Link from The Legend of Zelda. Steve's mom made Simon's costume and Steve made his shield and my mom made his sword.
Simon was walking already so he actually got to walk up to some houses. His first house was our neighbor Marie. We also met Sarah Palin! Simon was Link and his cousin Zane was a monkey. They went trick-or-treating in Vovo's neighborhood. My parents were also in town and got to go trick-or-treating with us. It was really fun!


Leserlee said...

That lady does look a bit like Sarah Palin, doesn't she? Simon is a cutie!

dacjohns said...

We really had a fun night. Thank you.
Simon was adorable in his Link costume. Cindy did a great job. Your pictures turned out really nice. Wish mine had been better. Oh well. And I didn't get a picture of Sarah. Glad you did. She was awesome. Wish they had won the election. Then maybe things wouldn't be so messed up. :{