Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Heelarious" and other ridiculous things

I saw these, and am so disgusted by them I feel it is necessary to share them with everyone. Heelarious Heels is what they are called, and these ones I came across advertised on craigslist for 0-6 month old babies. Babies!! High heels for babies!! I just think they are utterly disgusting and disturbing, but perhaps there are some out there that think they are cute??? Let me know what you think, I am just so blown away with these things and appalled by them. I can't even really say anything, I just stared at the computer monitor and shook my head and made Steve come over and look at them because I had nothing to say about them. Seriously, what do you guys think about them? Would you buy them for your little girl or a friends girl? If you like them, good for you, someone has to like them and buy them or they wouldn't make them, that someone is just not me. Oh, and they have a website where you can buy them.

So after I posted this originally I continued looking on craigslist for stuff and came across this Jeep pet stroller. There was a lady in the store the other day with one of these things, hers was hot pink. This is just ridiculous though, I thought it was bad enough that people would bring their pets into a furniture store, some loose, some on leashes, then I saw people with pets sticking out the top of their purse, or in their own little doggie carrying bag, and now they even have strollers for pets!! Honestly, what type of dog needs a stroller, can't it walk? Ugh. This second one is more like I saw at my store the other day. I googled pet stroller, and under images alone came up with 101,000 results. This brings a whole new meaning to taking your dog for a walk.


Jodi said...

Babie shoes never stay on, and even if they did, I think it is just the world of materialism at work.

I wouldn't buy either.

Leserlee said...

Ridiculous is right. The shoes are ugly. And the stroller...way nicer than anything my kids have. Yeah, what happened to dogs walking themselves? No wonder we have obese pets these days. It's as bad as a dog in a sweater, or any other clothes. They have fur for a reason people.

Nikki said...

Dude, I would SOOOOO buy heels for my little girl if I had one!!! She would be a dolled up little princess, heels and all. LOl. (I say that but I don't know if I REALLY would). Austin has shoes on almost constantly during the day because, in my opinion, babies have to get used to wearing them. I've put him in shoes since he came home from the hospital. But he actually keeps his shoes on, so that makes a difference. The pet stroller on the other hand, STUPID. People who have those need to have a baby, that's what strollers were made for.

dacjohns said...

What a WASTE of money. Get real people. One of these days you are going to be sorry you wasted your money on such ridiculous things and you are going without food because the economy is so bad.