Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Shower

On Saturday afternoon my sister-in-law Melanie threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun, and had very very good food, fun games, and cute decorations. It had a fall theme, and it was a perfect beautiful fall day. It even "showered" right when the shower was starting kinda cute I thought. Lots of people showed up (family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers) and I got lots of good presents. Thanks a lot to Melanie for throwing the shower and to Jared (her husband) who helped her out a lot, and everyone who came and helped in other ways!

Melanie got me a bunch of onesies plus the shower, they looked so cute over the fireplace!

My due date!

All of the yummy food Melanie prepared. She made a butternut soup-delicious!!!!
Caramel Apples
Some of the guests- Aunt Donielle and Candella, Vicki, and Marie Cousin Matthew, Nicole, Melanie, and Grandma, Renee standing

This gift is from Cindy, it is actually the outfit Steve was blessed in as a baby.
From Steve's Grandma, a baby book and blanket that she knitted.

Cute snowman pajamas with snowflakes on the feet and another one that said "SMILE" from Monica
A high chair from Cindy and Mike
Nicole and Me eating the good food.
Me with the presents!Renee and I with the presents

There are more pictures but I forgot to turn the flash on on my camera and they turned out a little blurry, so those will be in a photo album on facebook sometime in the near future...


Leserlee said...

I commented on Facebook already, but I was just thinking it would have been funny if you had worn my brown shirt. Because that's what I wore to my baby shower.

dacjohns said...

Melanie did a great job. The decorations are fantastic. Good ideas. Not sure which I liked better, the onesies on the fireplace or the pumpkin carved with the due date. Cute! You got some good presents too. I really liked the blessing outfit from Cindy. So thoughtful. Did it make you cry?

Nikki said...

Fun!! At least you got a nice fall day to have your shower on...mine, 110 with 98% humidity. We had the ac cranked down to 60 in my house. It was so nasty. Looks like you got lots of good things!! I cannot believe that you are due right around the corner!!! I'm so excited for you! Have you guys decided on a name?