Thursday, October 2, 2008


Quite a while ago someone (I think maybe one of Steve's sisters) decided we needed to have predictions for when the baby would come and how much he will weigh. I have had the list on a bulletin board in our room since then, and am finally going to publish it for all to see. Right now it only has Steve's family on it, and my mom, so if other people want to put in predictions I will add them, but only people who will be in Reno are eligible for the prize, sorry but I don't want to send a candy bar in the mail! The winner, which is whoever is the closest to the real date he comes, will win a Baby Ruth candy bar. And also whoever is closest to how much he weighs will win a Baby Ruth candy Bar. Just a little background info. I weighed 7 lbs 11 1/2 oz. Steve weighed 7 lbs 13 oz. Not sure about how early or late we were, but I think we were both a little bit early. My official due date is November 12th, but when they did that first ultrasound the tech said it looked closer to November 6th, but its not enough of a difference to change the date, and then they say plus or minus two weeks anyways. But almost everyone thinks he is coming early and hoping for Halloween or Nevada Day as it is called here. We will see. Here are the predictions (names are as I know people not how baby will know them), wish I could put them in a calendar, but I'm not that high-tech.
Wednesday October 29- Melanie
Thursday October 30-
Friday October 31- Grandma (Naomi)
Saturday November 1- Grandpa (John)
Sunday November 2-
Monday November 3- Kristy
Tuesday November 4-
Wednesday November 5- Renee
Thursday November 6- Jodi
Friday November 7- CindyMom
Saturday November 8- Mom (Cathy)
Sunday November 9- Amy
Monday Novemer 10-
Tuesday November 11- Mike
Wednesday November 12- Official Due Date
Thursday November 13- Kari (ME!)
Friday November 14- Leslie
Saturday November 15-
Sunday November 16-
Monday November 17- Steve
*It's interesting that Steve and I are the only ones that guessed anything past my due date, perhaps everyone else is quite anxious for this and reality is hitting us that we aren't quite ready yet... Like my sister Leslie says, they are a lot easier to take care of when they are inside of you then out.

And For the weight guesses, a separate competition.

6 lbs 5 oz- Renee
6 lbs 6 oz- Mike
6 lbs 9 oz- Grandpa
6 lbs 13 oz- Cindy
7 lbs 2 oz- Steve and Grandma
7 lb 5 oz- Amy
7 lb 6 oz- Jodi
7 lb 7 oz- Melanie
7 lb 8 oz- Mom
7 lb 9 oz- Leslie
7 lb 11 oz- Kristy
8 lb 3 oz- Me
*What kind of person guesses a weight this high for herself, you would think I hate my self or something, I should be wanting like 6 lbs or something little!

And one last little note... Baby names... coming soon, a topic I am bitter about so it will get its own post.


Jodi said...

Nov 6th at 7lb 6oz

I won't be there to win, I just wanted to add my 2 cents

Jodi said...

Oh, if I am do offically win you can give it to the next closest

Leserlee said...

Novemeber 14th and 7lb 9oz. And I second Jodi's comments. I would just like to know if I was the real winner. Just the satisfaction of winning is enough for me.

Nikki said...

For your sake, I hope he comes EARLY and SMALL!!!! Austin was born 3 days from my due date and I was 6.11. I seriously couldn't imagine having a bigger baby. Good luck!! It's coming soon!!

Anonymous said...


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