Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ultrasound results and my feelings on it

I am sure most of you know about this by now, because I am pretty my readership is mostly family, and if you aren't family, we are probably friends on facebook, but we had our ultrasound last week. It was actually supposed to be on May 4th but my ob/gyn office called me that morning because their tech called in "injured" and they had to reschedule their appointments. The next opening they had in their office was 4 weeks later! 4 weeks, they seriously wanted me to wait a whole 'nother month to find out what that little baby is, I think not! So they got me a referral to Imaging at Renown Hospital for the following Wednesday at 8:15 in the morning with an appointment arrival time of 7:45! I am so not a morning person and I couldn't take Simon to the appointment so had to get him to Cindy's before that. Thank goodness I have good family, Mel and Jared came and got Simon on their way to drop off Phin, and took him too, so luckily I didn't have to get up even earlier and drop him off in Spanish Springs before my appointment.

So ultrasound day, I get to appointment a few minutes late (of course, we are late to everything) and they are doing remodelling on the floor where my appointment was, so where I had to go to check in wasn't even on the same floor as the ultrasound itself. Steve was supposed to get off at 8, and rushed over to my appointment, and because of the remodelling had to go on a bit of a wild goose chase to find someone who could take him to where I was, he got there a few minutes after the tech had already started checking things out.
The baby cooperated pretty well for the appointment. Part way through it flipped over though and had it's back facing out, so I commented that it would make it harder to tell what the sex was, then the tech told us he knew already, as soon as he started he did a quick scan over my whole uterus and saw right away what the sex was. He also said he wasn't going to tell us unless he was 100% sure of what it was, if it wasn't definite he didn't want to show us and then be wrong. He was a funny guy though, he joked how bad did we want to know the sex and how much cash we had on us to find out, then proceeded to show us our little boy! Very much a boy, parts were very prominent and definite, no mistaking what they were. The tech did lots of measuring and scanning, making sure things were symmetrical and where they should be, we got to see all 4 chambers of the heart working like they should, cute tiny little toes and hand waving around, it was really cool.
But when he told us boy, Steve and I were both kinda like "huh, really, a boy?" We were both pretty sure it was going to be a girl or at least maybe we were convinced because we wanted one so bad, and so did all of our family, we all thought it was going to be a girl, so boy came as a shock and is taking me some time to adjust to, but I am almost there now. Another boy will be a lot of fun, I love my Simon and they can be buddies and share a room, and no teenage girl drama right? Right? I'll be okay with another boy. I just don't get to go out and buy all those cute girl clothes, no pink and purple, and flowers and ribbons and bows, no cute dresses and tutus. But I guess that also means I don't have to learn to do girl hair and fight with her about combing her hair and girly attitude. I also don't get to spend tons of money to buy all the stuff I had planned for her room, we have a lot of cute stuff at my work that I kept saying, I'm going to buy that for my daughters room, it was going to be cute. Shabby chic owls, and birds, and outdoorsy animal kinds of stuff. Birdcages and antiqued furniture, and a bit Victorian feeling, oh Lucy's room was going to be so cute! I will survive, it was just a little sad at first, but I am already almost over it. Almost.

P.S.- new post below, my super duper yummy awesome fiber-filled waffles.


Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

That darn Carl! It's all his fault, you know that, right? But he is three for three on guessing the sex of babies, so I do have to give him that. And you and Steve did make a cute little boy in Simon, so you should have another one, right? And just think of all the money you will be saving. It' just too bad I won't be able to pass along some of the dresses I've been saving.

dacjohns said...

A very cute post. And as you and Leslie have already said. You will have another cute adorable boy.
and we will love him just as much as we would have loved Lucy. So maybe next time. Then you will have a bigger house and more money for all those clothes and room decor
Love you.
Momma :)

A Harlow said...

Congrats, That's exciting Little simon with hew baby will be fun to watch. Oh and BTW I just realized your sister is frends with one of my friends. I kept thinking she looked familar did she go to BYU-I? I just blog hopped to her blog from my friends blog and then to yours because I was looking for the one that seemed familiar. LOL. Anyhow hope you are well we are back now. See you soon.