Sunday, October 11, 2009

some little snippets of the past couple months

Steve and Simon playing tag
Steve had a birthday back in August, the 19th! (That's how far back I am going then getting more current)
Nope he didn't get lingerie, it was thongs though, lol, the flip flop type.
I love these two pictures with the cake, amazing what can happen when you turn off the flash.
Then we went to the fair August 26th.
We took Simon and Zane on the carousel.
Steve on the "Torando" it was a fun spinning ride like an intense version of the teacups.
Both of us on the "Silver Streak"

This ride they shoot you up into the air and without any warning they drop you back down, freaky, we went on it a bunch of times but had to take turns to watch Simon because this time we were the only ones left from the family. Steve's parents and Mel came too, but we were the only ones that got rides passes so everyone else went home and Mel was getting tired so we took her back home and then decided to go back for the last 45 minutes and take turns watching Simon and going on rides by our self. It was really fun and we definitely got ours moneys worth for the rides!

Then we had our friends the Triggs' stop by. They went to a concert down in South Lake and we babysat their kids for the night so they could enjoy their concert, the next day we went to the park and out to eat, it's always fun getting to see them and play with their kids.

Their youngest daughter Lily absolutely loves Simon, all their kids do, but her especially.
Alaric and Natalya.
Steve's Grandma and I both ordered pears from the church's orchards up in Oregon, so we decided to get together and can them! It was a lot of fun, this is when I discovered Simon loves pears. He sat on his butt on the kitchen floor spinning in circles and eating a Simon sized pear, it was so stinkin' cute!!
A few of the beautiful pears we got to can and eat!

Just my little boy being adorable!!
I cooked cabbage rolls with the cabbage from my sister Heather's garden.
Simon in his mess of books he pulled off the bookshelf
We went rock climbing about two weeks ago with Steve's dad and sister Amy. Simon loves piggyback rides from his daddy!

Me and Simon playing together

We got some apples a couple of days ago from one of Steve's clients and Simon was really liking them. One bag was all peaches, and the other bag was half peaches half apples from trees in their yard.

On Friday night we went to a football game and saw Nevada crush La Tech. Go Pack!!
Simon was all dressed up in his Wolpack gear from his auntie Na.
And so was his daddy
The end... for now. Saturday we went on a mini-adventure to Apple Hill, but those pictures will come later a long with some of Simon walking!!


Jodi said...

It was nice to see updated pictures Kari. It looks like you guys are well. Babies love fruit, I have yet to know one who didn't!

Leserlee said...

Careful with the pears. They give my kids the runs. I meant to send you a winter jacket with the other clothes, but totally forgot. It's still hanging in Bryant's closet. Oops. Sorry.

dacjohns said...

I love the pictures. I didn't know Simon had two teeth. At least I had forgotten if I did. He is SO STINKIN'" cute!

Kaycei said...

Cute pictures and those cabbage rolls look yummy.

dacjohns said...

Like Mom said, he is cute.