Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Cute pictures of Simon

I love my little boy so much. He is such a joy in my life. It's impossible to have a bad morning with him around because he is totally a morning person. When I change his diaper first thing in the morning he just smiles and "talks" to me the whole time, I love it! Simon is just wonderful and I love being his mom. I wish I could stay home with him, but unfortunately our finances do not allow it, so he spends a good part of the day with "Miss Whitney" in day care. We really like her though, and so does Simon so that makes it a little tiny bit easier. I have never felt love the way I feel love for this boy. He is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Steve, but this is just something different and special and it is such a strong overwhelming feeling. Sometimes I just stare at him and it brings tears to my eyes. I never knew it was possible to love like this, I think that it is what unconditional love feels like.
It has been really hard on me not getting to see him a lot. I basically get to see him evenings and Sundays, so on Sundays I am super clingy and hardly let anyone else hold him. I spent last Sunday sitting on the couch with him almost all day and cried for like two hours because it is so hard for me to not to get to see him all day and spend all day with him.
Luckily, I am still breastfeeding him and that is going very well. I am fortunate to have a boss who lets me spend my breaks in an unused office pumping, and Simon is finally getting much better at taking a bottle, though he still doesn't like to take one at home as much as he will at other places.
He is still sleeping a ton at night. We typically go to bed at about midnight and he will wake up at about 4 to eat and again around 7:30, but by that point I am normally waking him up trying to get him to eat so I can get my day going. He will sleep in his bassinet, last night we put him down in it while he was awake and he fell asleep and didn't wake up til around 4:30 because he was ready to eat. He was freezing though!! His little hands were so cold like little baby popsicles, I felt so bad. Most of the time he sleeps with us in the bed though, because it is just easier with feeding him, and because like I said before, I am super clingy lately and want to spend as much time as possible with him.
P.S.-You can click on these pictures to make them bigger!!


Jodi said...

He is adorable! Thank you for the update. I imagaine not being with him is really hard, just remember it doesn't always have to be that way.

Leserlee said...

Just b e glad he is so lovable right now, and remember these times when he turns into an onery toddler. I still love love love the ear flap hat. SO CUTE! And Kari, he looks just like you. At least how you looked when you were a little baby. Almost identical. Our kids will for sure look like cousins.

dacjohns said...

Simon is as cute as can be. I like the picture of him and Steve on the sofa. Simon is patiently waiting for his turn with the controls.

Bekah said...

He is soo precious! Kyle and I need to make a trip out to meet him!!

Nikki said...

Kari he is ADORABLE!!!!! OMG. I totally understand that that. Only a mother could :)