Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finals Week!

Today is the first day of Steve's finals week. I have to take a second to brag about my husband, I am so proud of him, he has just been an amazing husband, dad, and student. Steve is taking some really hard classes this semester including chemistry- yuck, and Anatomy. We made a deal that if he gets all A's in his classes then he can buy an XBOX 360 at the end of the semester. Well, we already bought the Xbox because we found a really good deal, so he better get all A's. I have no doubt that he will, so far he has gotten A's and even some 100's on his tests throughout the semester. The past couple of weeks Steve has been staying on campus late to study because it's been kind of hard for him to study at home, which has been hard on me because I am at home all day long, and I really come to miss my husband. But as soon as he walks in the door after a long day of work, studying, and school, he is the Dad and Simon is his. They play together for the rest of the night. Last night I actually ditched Steve to run to WalMart for a minute, and he stayed home with Simon who has been really cranky. So cranky Steve even had to give him a bottle, luckily I have lots of milk stored up in the freezer. But anyways, I am so proud of Steve. He has been doing such a good job with his schoolwork and still finding time in his busy hectic schedule to play with his son and take care of his wife, and even get straight A's in his classes. I know he can pull off all A's, in one class he just has to get at least a 64% to get an A in the class... I don't think that will be a problem. So here's to Steve and final's week, and getting straight A's to earn the Xbox 360 we already bought!!

UPDATE: Steve just called me and he got a 94 on his Anatomy final!!!!!


dacjohns said...

Glad to hear Steve is still doing great in his classes. I know he will deserve the XBox 360. Way to go Steve!

renojohn / renokathy said...

We too are in Reno ...and while older than you, we are a few months behind you on the baby-making thing.

We've enjoyed your site, we think it kind of fun to see and read what we'll likely be experiencing -a few months behind you.

Nice job on the blogs and good to see a couple in love and having fun -and working hard.

Best of luck, fun and happiness with your new baby ...we'll be checking in to see how it's going and learning from your experiences a few months ahead of us. Don't screw up, we're following your lead :-)
...john and kathy

Leserlee said...

Hehehe Kari. You have fans. Way to go! But also, WAY TO GO STEVE!! That is so awesome. Here's to all A's, and getting into ISU, so you guys can move up here and be with us, and the boys can play. :)

Kari and Steve said...

Les, Steve's sisters already seem to think we are planning on moving away, which we aren't, but now they definitely will when they see your comment!