Sunday, July 20, 2008

Leslie Tagged Me!

10 Things Most People Don't Know About Me
1. I am afraid of ducks, and seagulls, and pretty much all birds that fly at me.
2. I am afraid of falling when I am up high and freak out if someone touches me, but I love rock climbing and being up high.
3. I like to climb trees but am afraid of climbing back down.
4. When I am bored at home I like to poke at my belly and make the baby kick me! Steve thinks I am traumatizing the child and that it is going to come out all stressed and agitated because of this.
5. I used to be really good at swords only on Halo, like really good.
6. My favorite food is Indian!
7. I love chips, and those really cheap cheese puffs.
8. I can't stand milk, it always tastes sour to me unless it is flavored and loaded up with sugar. Chocolate milk=amazing!
9. I can't walk over open grates or sewer covers or anything like that.
10. I have issues going down escalators and often have to wait for as many as five steps to go by before I can hop on.
I tag Arielle and Mena.


Leserlee said...

We are the same person. I love how much we are alike. I poke Squirt too, at least when he is already moving a lot. It's fun to watch him go crazy. Also, the grates, I can't do it, and of course the heights. I love you. By the way, check out the new survey post thing on my blog. It's pretty fun, you should do it too.

dacjohns said...

I liked to poke you girls too. It was fun. I always liked to watch you move. FUN!!!